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Effects of the International Judo Federation Referee Rules on Competition Contents in the All-Japan Judo Championships: A 2008–2013 Comparison (proceedings, 2013)

The All-Japan Judo Championships (AJJC) is an open-weight tournament for determining the best judoka in Japan. AJJC has been held under the Kodokan Judo Referee Rules (KDK Rules) since 1951. In 2011, the All-Japan Judo Federation (AJJF) introduced the International Judo Federation Referee Rules (IJF Rules), which were formulated to facilitate more dynamic judo (increased wins by Ippon, decreased wins by judges’ decision, and stoppage time). Previous studies have examined the changes and trends of dynamic Judo for international matches like the Olympics and World Championships by introducing the IJF Rules2, 3). Although the IJF Rules have facilitated dynamic judo in international competitions, the effects of the IJF Rules on the competition contents in the AJJC are still unknown. Here, we aimed to clarify whether the introduction of the IJF Rules facilitated dynamic judo in the AJJC.


SATŌ Takeru
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