Kogakkan University Information


  • Kogakkan 2015 Catalog

    Kogakkan 2015 Catalog

     The educational objectives at Jingu Kogakkan shall be to grasp the imperial nation’s value, gain an understanding of its scholarship, and put this learning into practice. In doing so, while hol […]

  • Kogakkan University Campus Map

    Kogakkan University Campus Map

     Kogakkan University is located on Mt. Kurata near Ise Jingu. Students here can study on a beautiful, green campus steeped in Japan’s unique culture and traditions. The university has facitilies […]

  • The Shinto Institute

    The Shinto Institute

     Shinto is the fruit of Japanese spiritual labor from ancient times, and of the efforts made by our ancestores to maintain traditional ritual life and give it a moral foundation. Shinto is not a denom […]