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A study of factor analysis related to the consideration of judo: In the case of Taiwanese youth judo players (proceedings, 2017)

Judo originated by Master Jigoro Kano in 1882 and has spread and developed internationally, including both martial arts and sports aspects. It is said that when cultural phenomena are spread internationally that they will develop a unique consciousness of their own . Mr Murata stated that “We need to clarify the facts of internationalization, the realities of the society that it brings in, the way people think about things, and the value judgment that the resulting change is what we are seeking there is enough” (Nakamura, 2008). A factor analysis study for Judo has therefore been conducted both in Japan and in Western countries however consciousness research for Asian countries has not been conducted. As we deepen our understanding of the internal conditions of judo internationalization, it is essential to look to Asia to which Japan belongs and to advance the consciousness research of Asian judo players. Therefore, in this research, we have selected Taiwan to be the subject for consciousness research in Asia and aimed to clarify how judo is developed in the consciousness of young Taiwanese judo players.


SATŌ Takeru
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